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Growth Tracking

Discussion created by Curtis Jenson on Feb 16, 2016
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We are looking for a way to track student growth based on benchmark assessments such as SBAC, aimsweb, IRI, etc.. I'm hoping to find someone out there who has figured out how to 1) input school/district-level benchmark scores into Canvas in a way that teachers can access, and 2) be able to track growth on those scores over time.


My best idea so far is to create a course at the institution level and enroll all students. I then create a section for each teacher with their students currently enrolled. From there, an assignment is created for each benchmark, and scores are imported as the benchmarks are completed. All of that works swimmingly. The problem is that once scores are entered, the learning master gradebook has no way of tracking growth. The most logical option when setting up outcomes is to calculate based on the most recent score, since that reflects where they stand. But what I really want displayed is whether or not that score reflects growth or decline in that area.


I'm at a loss. Here's a screenshot of the outcomes


And a screenshot of the learning mastery gradebook

Learning Mastery.PNG

I've actually found a way to view a growth score, but only by drilling down to individual students as pictured below


The problem with this view is that is isn't exportable or really very accessible if you're wanting an at-a-glance view of your students and their progress/growth on benchmark assessments unless you go to the individual student. Even at that, you have to click the three little dots to get the view above. I'm hoping for a view of the learning mastery gradebook that charts growth from one alignment to the next - especially for alignments that are consistent in administration and scoring, like a benchmark or state-level test.


If anyone sees any way to get at a growth score easily in an overview of all students, I will thank you forever - or at least until I win the lottery, and can just pay you off with a nice lump sum.