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Removing content pages from list

Question asked by Fredrick Curry on Feb 15, 2016

So, I used a template to begin with, but it contained a bunch of junk pages that I deleted.  I mean, it contained a LOT of pages that I didn't want.  The problem is that now when I go to add content pages to my module they are all still listed.  They are not alphabetized and there is no "find" function, so having so many is real problem/hassle.  Is there any way to take these things off the list?  To exacerbate matters I accidentally copied material over from another course more than ones, so I have multiple pages with numbers after them.  So this list is really cluttered, and there seems to be no way to clean it out.


Secondary query: If import a course or template into the same shell again from scratch will it clear all the old data and let me start fresh again, or will it just add more files to this mess and make problems worse?