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Running a quiz over multiple lessons

Question asked by Benjamin Ratcliffe on Feb 19, 2016

Am I right in my assumption that quizzes in Canvas are continually saving so that in the event of a student closing their browser, loosing power etc. before they hit 'Submit' they should be able to log back in and pick up the Quiz from where they left off with no loss of data?


I am planning to use a quiz for an important, multi-lesson assessment task being run over five days.  This will require the students to shut down their browser between lessons and they must be able to return to it again after a couple of days.


I am planning to secure the quiz between lessons using the Access Code.


The FAQs on this are not explicit, but I have inferred that this is how Canvas quizzes should behave, but I'd love some confirmation.  As this assessment is important to their final (Year 12) marks, it is vital that the system regularly saves.