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Using File Upload Assignment in an Assessment Context? (no passwords or time limit)

Question asked by Glenn Johnson on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Glenn Johnson

Our courses now have many assignments where the student is given a Word document. We use word because the problems are usually long, they involve images of output or code, many times they have extensive formulas or worked equations. Students need to work on the problems given by adding their work to the Word document and then upload their work on this file. For homework, in Canvas - no problem. File upload assignment and we can use the SpeedGrader. This is wonderful.


The question is, how does this translate into an assessment context?


In a proctored assessment context now, we use a password (which is given to the proctor) and the process is then similar to what is described above. In an unproctored assessment context we set a time for how long the assessment should take and our in current LMS we can track how long a student takes.


File upload assignments in Canvas do not have either a password or a time limit associated with them so this type of assignment would not work in either context.


I could create a Quiz, create a file upload question which now allows us to assign a time limit or password, but this will not transfer student submissions to the Speedgrader which would is a huge disappointment.


Are you aware of any way in which others may use the File Upload Assignment to tackle the assessment related challenge that we have?