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Discussion created by Tim Davey on Feb 18, 2016
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Are we progressing in education in the right direction?  I feel like so many teachers have to entertain students in order to get the attention of their pupils.  I have read the statistics and the data that supports our current generation saying that this group of students "learn differently"  So my question to you is do they really learn differently, or as adults have we simply allowed this behavior to exist?  Experts say that this is the first generation where teachers and parents have changed to conform to students rather than the other way around--is this a good or bad thing?  Maybe it's not as black and white as a good or bad thing?  Maybe there has to be some middle of the road--I see more hand-holding, spoon-feeding, and coddling than ever before--


I will never forget the time I was teaching a short mini-lesson using MS Publisher and I got done teaching and asked if anyone had any questions regarding what my expectations were or what the assignment was.  Nobody raised their hand until I got done and then one young girl raised her hand and called me over to her desk.  I ask her what her question was and she said she needed help, so I said sure what do you need?  She replied I need you to show me what to do--so of course I asked her if she had been paying attention during my lesson and she said no, I never listen to your instructions, but rather I wait until you are all done and call you over so you can help me one on one.  Then there was the senior last year that missed 70 out of 180 days of school, but it did not matter --he still walked across the stage during graduation because administration is under so much pressure to meet the graduation rates from state ed. And these are only a couple of stories-- I should write a book because I can't make up this stuff


So I ask you, is education going in the right direction?  Sure would love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you