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Quiz issue

Question asked by on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Kona Jones

This is from a teacher here at my school. Any ideas on how to help?

Thanks so much!!


A couple of weeks ago I made a quiz for Geometry in Geometry and when I tried to change the values to save it as a different version, it overwrote the first quiz.  So I exported it into the Algebra 2 class, edited it and imported it back to Geometry under a new name.  I used this to make 3 different versions for my 3 class periods.

Yesterday I wanted to make a new quiz for the new chapter but wanted to use the formatted quiz from before so I edited it in the Alg 2 class and imported it into Geometry under a new name.  It's completely different in title, point value, and number of questions.  I just deleted the other info and input the new questions/answers.

This is where it gets weird.  First period it said that half of the students had already taken it right as it opened. Some students were able to start but others weren't. To make it available to everyone I had to make it possible to retake it and save the 2nd score. It apparently overwrote the last quiz because that quiz doesn't show in the Canvas grade book anymore.  However, when I used another version of the same quiz that was made the same way for period 3, it didn't overwrite the last quiz and all of the students were able to take it with no problems.


1. Are those other answers from period 1 gone?

2. If I import the scores into SIS, will it overwrite the other quiz scores or will it make a new column?

3. Is there a way to make multiple versions of a quiz that doesn't flip out randomly?  Ideally, I would like multiple versions in each class like I would do for a test.

4.  Is there a way to keep the student from being able to take a screen shot of the problems?

5. How do you keep them from accessing other apps while they are quizzing?