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Send attachments without logging into Canvas

Question asked by Joan Merriam on Feb 20, 2016
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This may be a bit arcane, but there also may be other instructors who deal with a similar I'd love to know if anyone has found a work-around (OR if Canvas could develop one!).  My district uses Office 365 Exchange, which utilizes Outlook for its email...since I'm a part-time instructor and do most of my work from home, I've set it to forward all district mail to Outlook mail on my home computer. Canvas emails and attachments come in just fine to my home email, and I can easily reply to any email using Outlook and they automatically get delivered to the student's Canvas account. The problem comes in when I have to send a student an attachment: they receive my email through Canvas, but not the attachment. In order to send an attachment, I have to leave Outlook, log onto Canvas, and send it that way. I'm looking for a way to be able to send an attachment to a Canvas account, using Office 365 Exchange.  Any thoughts??