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Discussion created by BKINNEY@UDEL.EDU on Feb 23, 2016

My apologies for the duplicate post to those who follow both the Developer and Administrator groups. Seems like we really need to have a way to drum up support for Feature Requests that are not likely to attract the attention of instructors, but which feel critically important to developers and support folks.

There is what I consider a UI bug in Canvas that causes course nav links created through LTI to always be styled as though they were visible to students, even when they aren't. Since you have to move the links up into the active category (at least temporarily) in order to use them, it is disconcerting to faculty to find that they are not grayed out. Switching to Student View works, ie, it hides the links, but the color coding is not consistent with the behavior of other admin-only links. Since this has been identified as Instructure as a Feature Request rather than a bug, it needs at least 100 votes. Here is the link.


Admin LTI apps in left navigation should be greyed out