Matt Lewis

Using Outcomes with Question Banks

Discussion created by Matt Lewis on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Reed Anderson

I'm wondering if anyone is currently aligning their outcomes with question banks? I understand how to do this, but I'm wondering about the practical side to it. I'm assuming you probably should only align one outcome to each question bank to avoid one outcome set of questions pulling up the score of another set of outcome questions.


And what if you have divided your question banks into different banks for each question/point type (example: all one point questions are grouped together in bank 1 and all 4 point fill in the blanks questions are grouped into bank 2)?  If I align the same outcome with both question banks, but don't pull equal number of questions from both banks then it all gets messy again.


It feels like aligning outcomes to a question bank works great as long as everything is kept very very simple (one outcome, one question bank, one quiz). Am I thinking about this problem wrong, or does a little complexity spiral very quickly out of control?