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Found myself in a predicament...

Question asked by Sue Elvins on Feb 22, 2016
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Have you ever experienced the creation of a course at the beginning, in my case week 3, and start thinking the direction is slightly off and something is missing?


I have been looking over what was just done in the first two modules and actually considered going back through to update. BUT I'm also shaking my head as I honestly don't wish to take that extreme movement as it would go against the goal for creating the course in the first place. Secondly by doing that type of action it would go against the work hours that was spent from the get go. This is an extreme thought process I've been having the past few days and not sure how to handle it.


A thought did come to mind of using these notes that have come about for creating an entirely brand new course. Would that be out of the ordinary?


Appreciate thoughts on the above.