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Embed Audio Files without using Course Quota

Discussion created by Tara Huff on Feb 23, 2016
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We are in the beginning stages of switching over to Canvas as our LMS. I am currently working on transferring the Language Courses, however, I ran into an issue. As our Language Courses contain several Audio Files for pronunciation reasons, we have hit a Course Quota barrier. Our Online Language courses are very media heavy. We are aware that we can adjust the Quota per course, however, we would like to use the least amount of Quota possible.


I have searched the Edu Apps available to try to find a solution. Came up with 3 possible solutions but neither of them really seem to be the ideal solution. Mediacore was just bought out and no longer accepting new business so that is out. DropBox works but then the learners have to download each individual file before being able to listen and with a course that could have 5-6 files per unit that could get a bit annoying to do. Maybe I'm not using DropBox correctly? The 3rd option is Planet eStream. I am currently using a trial version but it doesn't seem to allow me to upload my own audio files but use audio files from an existing library- maybe this is because it is the trial version? I have a meeting for a demo for Planet eStream coming up so maybe that will answer all of my questions.


In the meantime, I was hoping that someone else has ran into a similar issue and found a solution that could work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!