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Gradebook will not load

Question asked by Jacob Brinkman on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Jacob Brinkman

I am an instructor, enrolled as a teacher, who cannot access the default gradebook.  When I click "Grades" on the left bar, it takes me to the gradebook and shows me an endless loading circle as shown in the attached picture.  I can type in the search bar, but that does not change anything.  Additionally, the "Export" button, settings button (gear icon), and the info icon beside the "Individual View" button do not work.  I have been able to access the gradebook since the beginning of Jan.  I last accessed it on 2/19, and I first noticed this issue on 2/24.


I have good internet connection and speed.  I have enabled and disabled Java with no change.  I have attempted on multiple browsers and multiple computers running multiple versions of windows with no change, which makes me believe that I have somehow turned off or lost access to the gradebook.


Please advise.