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Notifications on muting / unmuting assignments

Question asked by Ismael Rumzan on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Ismael Rumzan


I'm working on a front-end admin portal for our administration to be able to pull grades from Canvas easily.

Most of our face to face classes right use Canvas mainly for grades (i.e. no online resource access for students)

Therefore, our academic administration only want students to see their grades at the end of the term

Hence, when courses are created from templates, all the assignments are automatically muted.

However, in created my admin report, I need to mute/unmute grades in order to get the status of grades across classes during the term

I tried to use the set notifcations function in the API, so that on mute/unmute change is never for all users. However, it seems that changing this is only available under "self"

Therefore, some students who do use Canvas for online resources, have started to get these notifications.

Any suggestions on how to go around this problem?

My app is written in python with the front-end in html-jquery