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Need some suggestions on creating a helpful rubric!

Question asked by JESSICA CAMPBELL on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

FYI - I'm using Canvas in a middle school classroom.


I have a weekly journal assignment that my students complete every day. Currently, I create one assignment for the entire week. On Monday, they submit the assignment normally. On Tuesday-Friday, they submit their next response as a comment. To grade this assignment, I have created a rubric with Monday-Friday each as their own criterion. However, any time we don't have school, I can't just negate one of the columns from that rubric.


So - I added two zero-point ratings to each day's grade. One says Incomplete, and one says No School Today. Both are worth 0 points. But when I go to grade a students' assignment, selecting one rating automatically highlights both of them.


Parents have been asking me to simplify my scoring of these daily journals so that they can understand what their children are losing points for. I'm desperately trying to tweak rubrics to meet their requests, but am having a hard time designing a rubric that will work. Any suggestions you might have are greatly appreciated. Should I be using a different type of assignment altogether? I've never used Discussions before - might that be a better avenue?