Need for Permanently Deleting Courses

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In the comments on How do I permanently delete a course?, David Sheryn wrote, "You state that "Administrators can restore deleted courses if they know the Course ID number" -- at what point is the course content *actually* permanently and irrevocably deleted ?  We need to know this for governance constraints associated with some of our courses."


I thought this warranted a more open and permanent discussion so am moving his statements and my response to the Find Answers area.


Do you have a need for this at your institution?  If so, why?  What is the use case or constraint that applies?  Would it be sufficient if nobody at you institution except a system administrator could reconstitute a course?  If you did want to permanently delete a course would it be a once in a while need or would you want to delete more than one course at a time?


To answer David's original question, it is possible for Instructure personnel to delete a course in such a way that nobody (inside the company or without) can bring it back but it is a manual process that takes engineering resources so we prefer to do it sparingly.