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Using Canvas for eReserves

Discussion created by Bill Gibson on Mar 2, 2016
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Some time ago, I had a librarian, who administered electronic reserves, contact me about how e-reserves might be incorporated into Canvas.  One of my first thoughts was that by now, there should be some application "out there" that would handle this.  Hopefully free, but if not free, useful enough to be worth purchasing.  Rather quickly, I came across a simple solution, not my own, that seemed like it would work and would be free and simple to implement.


The idea was to allow faculty to add a librarian to their course, with the role of eReservist.  The eReservist was a Course Role that had limited permissions: 

  • Manage (add / edit / delete) course files
  • See the list of users


Once added to a course, the eReservist could Move (drag) files or folders from their eReserves site into a course's Files area.  Move keeps a copy of the folder/files in their original location.  After this was done, the instructor could reference & students access these files until such time as they needed to be removed by the eReservist.  I created a eReserves site for the Library so that they could go in and create a folder structure under the Files area.  I am guessing that the eReservist could use the eReserves site calendar to keep track of when materials needed to be removed from specific courses.


Any other ideas on e-reserves apps or other ways to do this, and/or legal/copyright issues?