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Observers no longer able to add students via students' username and password

Question asked by on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by Kona Jones

Hi everyone


I have a weird issue involving the creation of observer accounts. I admin Canvas for a K12 (primary) school which rolled out Canvas at the start of the year.


I enrolled all the students in Canvas using the SIS Importer but they log into Canvas using Google authentication. We were one of the first schools to turn this feature on late last year. However as part of the SIS import process, all the students are still assigned a login ID and a password, which can be different to their Google authentication details, which we can only use for the creation of observer accounts.


In the last couple of weeks or so I've noticed parents are no longer able to make an observer account tied to their child's account because Canvas is no longer accepting the students' username and password that was defined when I created their accounts (we distributed each student's username and password to parents with instructions on how to create their observer accounts). Inputting their Google login details in its place does not, and has never worked, but the SIS defined username and password solution has been rock solid up until a couple of weeks ago when it just stopped working, and showing a "incorrect username/password" error. No combination of usernames and passwords works.


Thankfully we got most of the parent community on the system with observer accounts before this changed but now I'm stuck with manually altering each student's authentication_provider_id to blank via the SIS importer, then creating the observer account because the Canvas username and password works after I do this, then reverting the authentication_provider_id back to Google so the student can log in.


Clearly there's something that's changed recently which has broken the process we had used and advertised to parents. The Canvas username and password only work when logging in via Google is disabled for the student. I'm getting by for now but this isn't a sustainable long term solution. If anyone has any ideas or is aware of any information that I am not, I would love to hear it!!