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Downloading .csv files - I have the correct html link, but keep getting different file.

Question asked by Micah DelVecchio on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by Micah DelVecchio

Thanks for any help with this. I am trying to include a blank .csv file for my students to enter their answers into. It needs to be a .csv file because I have a program I wrote in R to grade them and give them feedback. I upload a file named, Lastname_Firstname_Assignment_2.csv as a link in the assignment instructions and everything appears correct in the HTML code. However, when my students and I click on the link to try to get the file, a different file comes up. It's the first .csv file that I did this in an assignment with. I even tried to delete this original file but it just keeps coming back.


Here's how the assignment appears:



The HTML looks okay with the correct file names being linked:



But alas, Canvas downloads the incorrect file: