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Assessment via Canvas?

Discussion created by David Paul Cochrane on Mar 11, 2016
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Has anyone compared the feature set of Taskstream with Canvas?

Our College of Education is hoping to utilize the power of Canvas for accreditation. There are many institutions using Canvas. There must be some that need in the Canvas community to adhere to CAEP reporting. See  http://caepnet.org.

So, the key question is: Can Canvas support the needs to the faculty who are part of the college reporting to CAEP?

The goal is to stop using TaskStream and move to the Accreditation built-into the Canvas offering. <https://www1.taskstream.com/solutions/assessment-accreditation/

Another good link, I think. How doe we "collect" the requests from several places? Looking everywhere for comments etc. is a bit tedious. https://community.canvaslms.com/message/34271?et=watches.email.outcome#comment-34271


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