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Differentiated assignment group weighting

Question asked by Brave Williams on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Kona Jones

Is it possible to add differentiated "assignment group" weighting (different weighting for different students)?  I have what amounts to an independent study for 3-12 students.  All students complete some of the same assignment with the same weight i.e. the final presentation (everyone has to do this and it is the same weight).  The part that is challenging is that for other portions of the course one "assignment group" is worth 50% of the final grade but each student has very different activities that make up the 50% weight.  For example:


Student A

Project work 50%

  • Part 1 5%
  • Part 2 15%
  • Part 3 20%
  • Part 4 5%
  • Part 5 5%


Student B

Project work 50%

  • Part 1 30%
  • Part 2 20%


Student C

Project work 50%

  • Part 1 45%
  • Part 2 5%


And so on for up to 12 students (though some students will share the same weighting i.e student C, F & H may all be the same).  So all the students have project work that amounts to 50% but they have drastically different assignments that give them this 50%.  What I would like to be able to do is differentiate the "assignment groups" to apply to certain students but not others.  It does not work to simply differentiate the assignments within an "assignment group" because the individual parts have unequal weights.  It does not work to break up the "assignment groups" into different weights for each assignment because each person has very differently weighted projects.   The only solution I can think of is to put an assignment in multiple times to add up to the total percent i.e. part 1 for student c becomes 8 parts repeated to add up to 45%, but that seems cumbersome. Make sense?


Essentially what I would like to do is allow different students to have different "assignment group"  weighting.   Perhaps I am missing something obvious?  Thanks for any tips; I am sort of stuck.