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How do non-core contents utilize Canvas? (Electives)

Discussion created by Shelley Petkovsek on Mar 8, 2016
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I teach at a middle school (7th & 8th grade). Currently I teach Photojournalism utilizing Texas state standard TEKS 10th-12th grade for course alignment. I also teach Yearbook.  This is my first post here in Canvas. Since our district will be moving into Canvas in the upcoming school year, I would like to run some pilot test run lessons with my students this spring. So, does anyone have any help/tips they can give me on how they have setup their Photojournalism or Yearbook courses on Canvas? Grading? Features you find to be a fantastic resource on Canvas or anything else you think a newbie needs to know.


Thanks so much.


Shelley Petkovsek

Mance Park Middle School

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