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Keep copy of multiple-question copy to new Q bank?

Question asked by Admin 12 on Mar 15, 2016
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I've looked through the Canvas guides related to this topic and can't seem to find an explanation for what I'm seeing (more specifically, NOT seeing).

I have built chapter(module) quiz Question Banks for all chapters of a course I've imported. I now want to create a new final exam question bank by copying all questions from all the chapter quiz question banks. What I want to do is move/copy multiple questions to the new bank and keep a copy of them in the original bank. I can see I am able to copy 1 question at a time and retain an original copy like below:

But when I try to move/copy multiple questions I do not see the box to check to Keep a copy in the original question bank.

Is this not possible to do, or am I not seeing something correctly? Thanks.