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Unlock exam based on enrollment date?

Question asked by Admin 12 on Mar 17, 2016
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We are setting up our school in Canvas, actually transferring it from another LMS. We are an online-only, rolling enrollment, asynchronous, self-paced school, which means we enroll students in courses as they join. This means some students will advance through courses faster than others. We do however, set a minimum amount of time at which point the final exam is available to the student. For our full courses we have the final exam lock set to 60 days from course enrollment. This encourages the student to work at a reasonable pace to absorb the course information and prepare for their final exam. It's been working well in our current LMS, we are moving to Canvas for other reasons.


Does Canvas have a feature similar to this? Can the final exam in a course be set to automatically unlock and be available to the student 60 days after the date of their enrollment? For instance, could the exam access code automatically trigger after 60 days of enrollment?