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Front page Link to Canvas module content page breaks in app

Question asked by Janell Amely on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Janell Amely

I have had this problem over and over, and can't find a fix for it. So I am asking the wise gurus of the Canvas Community.


My course design often uses a Front page that has a link to the beginning of the current module (content page). When I use the Canvas app for Android and tap this link, it directs me to either the single page (not in the module, so no "Next" button), or changes the link to redirect to the "Modules" page. I have tried using the menu insert link, copying the link from the module page, and copying the link from the "Next" or "Back" button to no avail.


This works perfectly on the web and is not a problem there, only on the Android app (I can't vet the iOS app).


Any ideas/fixes or maybe someone else already posted about this and I can't find it in search, or need a better explanation? ;p Any help welcome!