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Survey Quiz for the Term

Discussion created by Jason Schaffer on Mar 15, 2016
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Hello all,

I was looking through the resources here and I could not find the answer I was looking for.  I am hoping you can help.  As an institution, we like to assign both students and instructors a survey at the end of the term to collect feedback on our courses, curriculum and teaching methodology.  However, it seems that the only way to assign this would be on the course level.  Is that accurate? 


Is there a way to develop one survey quiz (perhaps from the Commons?) and assign one version to every student in a term, and another we can assign to every instructor in the term?  We need to be able to collect at least 1 survey from every instructor, but we will need one survey, per course, for every student.  I would like to avoid managing several hundred versions of the surveys that will exist independently in all of our live courses.  Right now I am stumped on how to accomplish this.  Any ideas?