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Best way to release restricted content to individual students?

Question asked by John Votino on Mar 16, 2016

One of the instructors is looking for the best way to release unique pieces of content (like a quiz or data set) to each individual student.

In her own words:


"What I wanted was: Students successfully complete a quiz on academic misconduct, which releases individualized take-home exams. This take-home exam is essentially a data analysis project, and I had generated different data sets for each student (to try to minimize the temptation for misconduct). I couldn't figure out how to individually release the data files (.csv format) in Canvas."


The solution we came up with was to use modules. Add the quiz on academic misconduct to the module with a requirement of scoring a certain percentage on that quiz. We then created a module titled Data Sets with the prereq of completing the Quiz module. Within the Data Sets module, we added an assignment for each student that provided the unique data set and released each assignment only to the proper student.


As you can imagine, this took a good deal of time with a large class.


Has anybody else had experience doing something like this? Was there any more efficient / direct way of accomplishing this? Any other ideas on how one would set this up?


Thank you.