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POST Assignment returns a different json object than expected

Question asked by Mary Witalec on Mar 16, 2016

I am able to successfully create a new assignment via a POST command. I would then like to get the ID for that assignment by inspecting the json returned by the post. I could of course, just parse the json string, but I would like to place the data into a local assignment object. The problem is that the structure appears to have changed between post and the response. Specifically, the problem is with integration_data, which is defined as an optional string in the assignment object. On the POST, this field has a value of "integration_data":null. The response value is "integration_data":{}, which indicates to me that there is an embedded object of some unknown type (since it is empty). This causes the deserialization to blow up, because the structure is wrong.


Has anybody else run across this behavior?