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Grades not posting to Power School

Question asked by Fredrick Smith on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Sheila Glenn

Grades not posting to Power School:  I have looked at all the other suggestions, and none have worked.  Not all of my colleagues at my school are having the same problem though, so it must be something wrong at my end.  Assignments and their correct category will post.  More and more often, scores will not.  Some scores will and others in the same section will not.  If there are two sections, one set of scores will post and in a different section, the same assignment scores will not.  One thing that will post in Power School, is the "L" icon for late assignments.  That will post, indicating the student has turned it in, but it will not post the score. 


I have checked the Post SIS box. 

I have synced each individual section.

There is one due date for everyone. 

I have deleted and re-synced with Power School.

I have deleted, changed the title, and re-synced the assignment. 


How can I fix this?  Any recommendations would be appreciated.