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Modules: Creation & Management (Video) ?

Question asked by Bill Gibson on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Kona Jones

I was reviewing the Instructor videos that show the New UI and came across a question in the following:


522-Modules-CreationandManagementTranscript.pdf - Google Drive

There is a comment in the video & the transcript, where it is said, "... When you publish a module, it will automatically publish each of the individual content items within the module..."


Is that worded correctly?   That sounds to me like, all items, whether published individually or not, will be set to 'published.'  Shouldn't the comment be something like, "When you publish a module, it will automatically make each individual content item, that has been published, viewable within the module..."


If I'm interpreting that incorrectly, sorry;-)