Kenna Noone-Kirkpatrick

Suggestions so that I do not have to work overtime asking about Canvas and how it should work

Discussion created by Kenna Noone-Kirkpatrick on Mar 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

1. Why in Discussions cant the last reply show up first (why do I have to scroll so much?)

2. Why in Canvas Discussions can't one put a TITLE/SUBJECT on a reply so one can see the subject of a reply so not have to SCROLL so much

3. Why in Slow grader (Speedgrader)  if one has 100 students and 2 things ot grade one has to KEEP ON CLICKING . Why can't the two needing to be graded show up without having to click thru all the names who have not pkaced a entry?

4. Why if I read and grade a discussion reply in SPeed grader doe sit not become marked as read instead of me having to do back to DIscussions and read it again and then mark it as read?

5. Why dont the designers at CANVAS look at OTHER ONLINE PLATFORMS FOR COURSES such as SAKAI and BLACKBOARD for best practice ideas

6. Why is there so much white space and scrolling in CANVAS?

7. Why is trying to get an idea of best practice so onerous as that one has to get a COMMUNITY to VOTR on it ar SCROLL and FIND similiar ideas ETC instead of having the people on the phones Help desk ) gather them as clients call in with problems  (This separtae site and typing takes away from me and my work which is not being a CANVAS expert  What the heck? I do not understand IN A PLACE etc