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I would like some more information about the podcast option in discussions.

Question asked by Sable Cantus on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Sable Cantus

I am testing out the podcast feature to automatically deliver material to students. I can upload a video file and it will appear in the RSS feed. Can I also link to a file on AWS (or 3C)? That doesn't seem to be working and there is no documentation about this at all. Yes I have a valid feed and only posts with media files in it will show on the RSS:


The purpose of an enclosure in RSS 2.0 is to include any file. I should be able to push along PDF's, mp3's, etc., etc. So far this is only working with mp4 and mov files.


I would like to help my instructors post their large audio/video files on 3C and link to them in the discussion for students.


Thoughts? Smart remarks?


Thank you,