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Students selecting an unknown, random question from a pool

Question asked by Sarah Lehr on Mar 29, 2016
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I have a scenario that I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered, and if so, how they have handled it within the LMS. I am working on a course that requires students to write a response each week to a randomly assigned question. The student will not know what the question in beforehand, and will simply select the question from a randomized list of 25 questions. They will do this for 4 weeks of the course, so there is a total list of 100 questions. Once a student has selected a question, it should be removed from the list of options. Has anyone else attempted to execute this within Canvas? If so, how have you done it? In my previous LMS, Moodlerooms Joule, there was "choice activity" option that allowed students to select an option from a list, and you could cap it to where after a certain number of students had selected that option it would close out. I'm wondering if there is a similar functionality within Canvas, or perhaps a plug-in that has been utilized? The only thing I can think of right now is to number the students and then have them answer the question associated with that number in a quiz that has been created.

This was rather difficult to explain, so hopefully it is makes some sense! Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.


Thank you,

Sarah Lehr