Module "Requirements" - disadvantages to using for "progress"?

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Okay somewhere along the lines I missed noticing that there is a beautiful green checkmark when the student completes each requirement in a module now.  As a student myself I feel so happy when I see a checkmark and see visually my progress.


Is there any disadvantages to using the "requirements" options in a Module without using Prerequisites or "must move in sequential order"? 


I ideally want to use them so that View Progress shows the instructor where students are at and more importantly so students get the pretty checkmarks as attached...  I searched around a bit but most posting seem to be geared towards using Requirements and Prerequisites together or Requirements and "must move in sequential order" together.  I have a couple instructors using it but having not seen any comments or others using this I was curious what the downside might be...  Many of my instructors don't really want to lock down the order of content or set requirements but this they often ask about.   


- Melanie


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