Review Public Courses in Commons

Discussion created by on Mar 29, 2016

Who doesn't want constructive criticism on course materials and teaching resources? As teachers, educators and instructional designers, we can all offer high-level feedback to those our fellow colleagues who ask for it! Let's help each other out!!


So, if you have some free time today, this week, or anytime during the semester, take 15 minutes to review a resource in Commons public. In the recent Commons Release Notes (2016-03-02), users who share publicly are prompted to tag his/her resources with 'Community Review' to actively request a review. While any user can review content in Commons, this tag helps reviewers prioritize giving feedback to those users who actually want it!


In case you're wondering, here are some interesting review stats:

  • Quizzes are the most publicly-shared resource in Commons and top resources tagged with 'community review'
  • Courses have the most reviews in Commons public
  • There are over 6000 resources in Commons public and only 236 resources have been reviewed
  • Commons receives an average of 25 reviews per month and we only have 245 active reviewers (people who posted at least 1 review).


If you're looking for incentives, Commons does award badges+points for people who are posting reviews!


TIP: When searching for content, filter by keyword ‘community review’ before selecting your resources. You may want to check out 5 Tips to Providing a Helpful Review in Commons or get some advice from Robert Caldwell who has posted a handful of his own reviews.


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