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When a rubric contains criteria ratings with equivalent point values, selecting one highlights all

Question asked by Jill Nissen on Mar 26, 2016
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I use Canvas rubrics for most graded discussions and assignments in my course. Some of my criteria ratings have equivalent points value (for example, 2 on time comments = +2, 4 late comments = +2). However, when there are multiple criteria ratings with equivalent point values, selecting one highlights all. Is there any way around this?


Secondly, I would like to be able to assign bonus points to assignments, but if I choose to use the rubric for grading, it automatically adjusts the points value for the assignment (e.g. a 10 point assignment with a +2 bonus becomes a 12 point assignment).  As a workaround, I created a Criteria line for the bonus worth 0 points and the Ratings descriptions might read "Excellent +2", "Good =+1", and "None +0", but again, because all the selections are worth zero points it highlights all of them.


Also, if I try to adjust the individual rubric line grade (changing the 0 to a 2), it deselects all criteria ratings, and when I Save the rubric, the grade for that line has reverted to a zero.


Can anyone offer help, or a better solution? Thanks!


In the first image below you can see the example of the criteria "BONUS: Response posts" which designed to be worth extra credit, and I intended to use the "Follow up" and "Proofreading" lines to comment on the assignment (similar to Turnitin's grademark and quick mark function). For this particular student, on the BONUS line I selected "2 or more responses", on the Follow up line, I selected "You should return..." and in the Proofreading line I selected "Very few grammatical errors..." but as you can see, all items in those lines are highlighted. In the second image you can see that the graded rubric for the student shows all the comments for that line. Normally at that point, I would manually adjust the Grade to 7 out of 5 points and Add a comment to type in the actual comment I had intended for the rubric to convey to the student.


Image 1: Rubric during grading process


Rubric zero.jpg


Image 2: Same rubric after saving

Rubric graded.jpg