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Problem with Percentage vs points as managed through Gradebook and Speedgrader

Question asked by Mitchell Gohman on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by Brian O'Neill

Hello Canvas Community,


We ran into an issue where we set an assignment to be worth 8 points. And set it to display as percentage.


In standard grade book, when you enter lets say 4 points - it converts it to the percentage of the points (e.g. 50%).


However, when we go to the same assignment in speed grader and enter it as 4 points - it converts it to 4%. not the 50% we were hoping for. This is confusing to the insrtuctor who may be moving thorugh both the Standard Gradebook and speed grader.


Is there a way to get Speed Grader to work like the Standard Gradebook?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Mitch Gohman