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Due date during class on a date

Question asked by Elizabeth Miller on Mar 31, 2016

I am at a large university and in my department we have many coordinated courses where the coordinator sets up all the canvas pages for each lecture of the course.  (We are hopefully planning to use a master course shared to commons to control the actual canvas pages for each lecture.)  For each lecture, there are recitations at different times of the day.  Many of our assignments are paper assignments which are due in recitation on a given date.  I would really like to use the due dates feature in canvas as I feel like this is a really strong feature of canvas, but right now I have to put in a due date time if I put in a date.  I do not want to list a time of 11:59pm (or any other exact time) because I do not want to give students an excuse for not turning in the paper during class, and I do not want to go in and set a different time for every section for every assignment because some classes have 50 sections throughout all the lectures and this would be very time intensive.  Is there a way to set a due date without setting a due time, especially for paper assignments?