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«Bug» in messages between tablet and desktop?

Question asked by Hægland Pål on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by Hægland Pål

Hi, guys!


our students mostly use the Canvas-app on their iPads instead of their computers. This is of course great, but we've discovered what seems to be a «bug» in the messaging system. When students message someone using the app, and this person tries to reply through their desktop-version of Canvas, the message appears without a recipient. You can send it, but it seems to vanish into the vast digital nothing. No errors or nothing, it just «magically» vanishes.

Funny enough, if you reply using Outlook, it reaches its target.


Another weird attribute of these messages is that despite the student finding the person through a specific course, when replying through your desktop version, you get either «No course» or some other random manually generated course.


Anyone else who has experience with this «phenomenon»?


With kind regards
Pål Hægland
Canvas Administrator
Lovisenberg Deaconal College