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Hide "Correct Answers" on Results of Quiz

Question asked by Tim Darrow on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Kona Jones

Hi all!

I have an odd problem I'm trying to solve, and was wondering if anyone out there knew of a solution. Here is the scenario:

At our college we issue a very difficult general education exam to students in the form of a Canvas quiz. In order to eliminate the possibility of students cheating on the exam by passing around the incorrect answers (or correct answers) to other students, I am trying to hide the Correct/Incorrect flags from each question on the Results page, and also include the page number in their notepacket they can refer to for further study directly underneath the question.

Currently I have the Let Students See Their Quiz Responses checkbox checked under Quiz Settings. I also have included under each question a general answer comment that displays the page number under the question after the quiz is submitted. The problem is that if the question is True/False, the student can quickly determine via the Incorrect flags what the answer ought to be. Also, if the student chooses the right answer, no flag is thrown. The student could then easily log what questions are correct based on the lack of a Correct flag.

So here is my question: if I wanted to keep the results hidden as much as possible and at the same time display the general response for every question, how can I go about eliminating the Correct/Incorrect flags?


I hope what I said made sense. Please ask me for clarification if I have made it clear as mud. Thanks!


Tim Darrow