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Text Entry Assignment Moderated Grading- Review comments that were made before grade was made final

Question asked by Kevin Siccion on Apr 6, 2016
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As per How do I review moderated assignments in SpeedGrader? , it mentions "Students can only view comments in the submission that is selected for the final grade; they cannot view comments from any other provisional grade reviews. If you want to include any comments from additional reviewers, you will have to copy the comments manually into the submission selected for the final grade."


Consider the following scenario.


- Student submitted assignment

- Reviewer submitted comments for the assignment

- At this point only the reviewer can see the comments made for the assignment via Speedgrader

- Reviewer finalized the grade for the assignment by going to the Assignment > Moderate button > Post.

- The comments were not copied manually into the submission for the final grade

- Now the comments can no longer be seen by the reviewer via Speedgrader


Is there any way that the comments can be seen by the reviewer again?