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Maximizing the use of Pages

Question asked by Jonathan Carlyon on Apr 12, 2016
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Dear Group,

I am interested in maximizing the use of Pages. Recently, I learned about Using jQuery without custom Javascript. The use I made of this was to place a link to a Canvas Page within the instructions of a Canvas Assignment. The link brought the student to the page. There, the student needed to carry out a number of activities. Finally, at the bottom of the canvas page was a link back to the original assignment. At this point, the student needed to submit the assignment.

I am interested in learning how to make better use of pages for this type of scenario. For example, could we have a screen capture button that would allow the work done on a page to be uploaded directly into an assignment? Could this upload be automatically converted to PDF for use in Speedgrader?

Currently, I use Google Docs to carry out wide variety of digital learning models. However, I get the impression that much of this could be developed around Canvas Pages and kept internal to the Canvas LMS.

Here is a link to the context in which I am presenting this question, along with a video I quickly made illustrating the use.