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How do I get a list of completed course enrolments from a given date?

Question asked by Barbara Coen on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Barbara Coen


We are running some short courses and have a very high volume of users and user enrolments (>10k enrolments per course).  I'm  trying to get a list of users that have completed the course since Jan1st 2016 but surprisingly I'm finding it very difficult to get this information.


I've tried the provisioning report but while that does contain the status of the enrolment, there is no associated date, so I can't tell if users completed the course this year or last year.  I've also tried the Enrolments API but this only gives back 100 records at a time so I'd be all day trying to merge results.


Has anyone else needed to do something like this?


Would anybody else find it useful to have date fields in the CSV reports, particularly the provisioning report?