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Need Canvas App to do this better than Edmodo but can't see how?

Question asked by Gideon Williams on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by Gideon Williams

Our Head of Maths challenged me to find a way that Canvas can equal or improve upon how he responds to student problems. Here is the current scenario


Student messages him on his iPad through an Edmodo group about a particular Maths problem on an exam paper.


Head of Maths reads the problem on his iPad then opens up a copy of the exam paper (which he has as a PDF) on Doceri. He then records and annotates a multimedia solution on Doceri. Once saved he then pushes it back to the student using the link to Edmodo. Student get a copy of response in a very few number of clicks.


My questions to everyone is:

How using the Canvas App, an iPad and Doceri could he replicate this

How could he perform the same task (with animations/recordings) using Canvas but not necessarily involve Doceri?


Its not a game breaker but you know how important it is when getting departments on board to show them that their current practice can be equalled or improved! I have tried to find a way but struggling a little.


Thanks in advance for your suggestions....