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Student submissions disappearing

Question asked by Jessica Runtz on Apr 11, 2016
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I have a student that is experiencing some frustration when she is going to submit assignments. She has been going through all of the right steps to submit assignments, but somehow they aren't coming through to the teacher every time. It seems like even if she gets the "submitted" confirmation on her device, it isn't a guarantee that it is really submitted Is there anything that might be causing this on Canvas or is it likely the device somehow (we use android based tablets)? I asked if she was using the app and she actually was just using the browser version, which further surprised me since most issues we have with this kind of thing are due to the app. I'm going to play around with her device some tomorrow to see if we can get it to happen again, so I might have more details at that time. Just thought I would check in and see if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!