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Not Posting to PowerSchool

Question asked by Vicky Edwards on Apr 14, 2016
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2016-04-14_0914 - Vickie52's library


I have two classes that I post to PowerSchool.  One class will post fine but the other will not.  I have included pictures so that you can see the error message.  I have compared both classes and can't find anything that is different. I am a school admin for canvas and I have checked all permissions and I can't find anything that has changed.  The first picture shows the the Post Grades to SIS button seems to be graded out so that I can't  do anything with it. The other is the error message I get when I click the post button.  The due dates are the same for all students and the check box for Post is checked within the assignment.  I am putting grades in PowerSchool manually for that class.  I know that others have asked questions about Posting Grades but I have not found an answer that worked for me.  I did put in a ticket also.