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InstructureCon Canvas Data for K-12 pre-con session!

Question asked by Administrator on Apr 12, 2016

Hi all!


Linda Feng and I are giving a 3-hour pre-conference workshop at InstructureCon this year, geared towards K-12, and would love your input as we develop the outline for this workshop (you can view the program here:


The theme for the workshop is:

What does it mean to have a data strategy? Canvas Data offers schools access to lots of data, but its analysis is ineffective if the findings don't prompt action. This session is a deep-dive into Canvas Data. You'll learn best practices in leveraging this service, discuss ways data can help answer strategic questions, and practice basic data crunching (in Excel) to surface the most commonly requested queries in K-12.


So far we're thinking of doing an overview of all the ways to get your Canvas Data out of Canvas Data (API, flat files, etc), as well as talk about what kinds of data are in Canvas Data. We'd also like to share common questions that (K-12) schools have that they answer with Canvas Data, and this is where you come in!


So, here's my ask of you:

  • what are some of the questions you're trying to answer using data?
  • what are some of the roadblocks you're having in using Canvas Data?
  • do you have any specific topics you'd like us to cover during the 3-hour workshop?


For a more general Canvas Data Q&A session, we're offering a 90-minute free session the same day, as well (details here:!