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Capstone Course Ideas

Discussion created by Sarah Inman on Apr 13, 2016
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Good morning all!


Does anyone here have experience designing and implementing a Capstone project "course"? Stevens is predominantly an engineering school, and we have a large cohort of students who take Senior Design. We are looking to create a course site in Canvas (that is not affiliated with the student information system or grades) as a place for students to communicate with one another about their project. If you have any insight into best practices for this type of course site, I would love to hear!


Some factors about the Capstone "course":

  • It will be a huge class of about 300.
  • It will be run with a new cohort every year.
  • All students have a capstone project at the end.
  • There are multiple teachers for the sections; however, all teachers should be able to access the Capstone course site to retrieve materials. (I was thinking it would be neat to have an instructor page in which students can see bios of all the instructors and potentially engage with them).


Thank you for your input!