• Brightspace (D2L) to Canvas Formulaic Question Issue

    Hello everyone. We are currently in process migrating from Brightspace to Canvas. We have many courses with large question banks made up of Formulaic questions. It seems in Canvas that such questions transfer from Bri...
    Jeff Rankine
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  • Create Question Banks from MSWord

    Open for Voting
    1554 votes
    It would be useful that when you create a question bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one. ...
    last modified by rledda@inlea.com
  • Recording a Video Announcement

    I have had trouble recording a video announcement using the rich content editor feature.  It records just fine and then I click save and nothing happens.  I wait and wait and wait.  It will not upload.&...
    Annie Stermer
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  • Assignment 2019 Rotary Web Site Challenge

    how can I get the correct answers to the rotary website assignment?  Or how can you tell what questions you answered incorrectly?
    Kristine Watson
    created by Kristine Watson
  • Add functionality to print the calendar from within Canvas

    Open for Voting
    185 votes
    Please consider adding functionality to print the calendar from within Canvas. I have heard several other students comment on desiring this feature at my school. It makes it easier to post on a bulletin board at home ...
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  • Display Default Email in Gradebook and Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    187 votes
    I am fleshing out a an earlier feature request that evidently didn't go anywhere (*Display Student Email Address in Roster ). At our university, the SIS_ID displayed in the People list and the Secondary ID displayed ...
    Valerie Rake
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  • Option to require units (eg, meters) in numerical quiz answers

    Open for Voting
    36 votes
    In problems in physics and engineering, answers require units to be meaningful. In designing a quiz question, there should be an option to require that a unit be provided ("3 kg" instead of "3".)  If no unit is p...
    Deva O'Neil
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  • Beyond Canvas Pages: Create Interactive Content That Will Wow Your Students

    Open video

  • Quizzes.next scores not populating to gradebook

    I searched but couldn't find anything to address this. I have created a quizzes.next quiz with unlimited attempts, keep the highest score options.  The assignment is past due.  Students who have completed t...
    Sara Samples
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  • Shuffling 10 questions from a 20 question quiz

    I was wondering if there is a checklist for the following action. I have a quiz that has 20 questions that I would like to have 10 shuffled to get 10 total.
    Anne  Hammersmith
    created by Anne Hammersmith
  • More than 1 child

    On the Calendar & Dashboard, How am I suppose to tell which class/teacher is for which kid? A few teachers on the dashboard have labels such as Math 7, English 5. but not all.
    Cher Cassel
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  • Some of my students are not able to upload a jpeg or pdf or mov. file into an assignment.

    Some of my students are not able to upload a jpeg or mov. or pdf, into an assignment even though I have listed them as being acceptable files. They get a message that the file is not allowed. I am not sure how to inst...
    Teri Everett
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  • Hyperlink Color Contrast

    Open for Voting
    81 votes
    The default color for hyperlinks is not compliant in terms of accessibility and WCAG 2.0 AA.   I understand users can use High Contrast mode, but I think accessibility should be the default, not the exception. &...
    Jess Thompson
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  • Allow marks deductions for late work to be calculated based on points possible or points awarded.

    Open for Voting
    47 votes
    With the assessment late policy feature, Gradebook 2.0 removes the burden which our lecturers have to deduct the mark for late submission manually. The late submissions are identified automatically (with calculations ...
    Mai Thanh Tâm Nguyễn
    last modified by Mai Thanh Tâm Nguyễn
  • Can you set keywords in an Essay Question?

    I am wondering if it is possible to set banks or a list of keywords that students must include in their response to an essay question of a quiz. In this case I have 5 keyword categories of similar words and would like...
    Daulton Baird
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  • Mine? Yours? OURS.

    During the summer months, I try my best to read and reflect on classroom practices. (Sometimes those thinking sessions can get a little intense.) Years ago, I accepted that no course was ever going to be perfect. I wa...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Marking all announcements read

    Open for Voting
    31 votes
    In the student interface, currently it is not possible to select multiple or all announcements to make them marked as read. As a result, often times a student's announcement thread will fill up to the point that they ...
    Connor O
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  • Grades Test Student Line

    I teach three courses.  In the grades, one class has a test student at the bottom.  The other two courses do not.  How can I add a test student to them?
    Susan Jarboe
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  • Blank Canvas (heh)

    The Dashboard only shows A pattern of a Large black box, two short horizontal black rectangles (one is shorter than the other), and 4 equally sized black circles. Whenever I enter certain classes, all the tabs are bla...
    Erin Rufrano
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  • How can I get my canvas pages to load correctly?

    I have tried to navigate to my course pages on canvas via Google Chrome, but when I click into any of my course, the main home page of the course will pop up; but none of the other links or pages will work.  ...
    Corser Paine
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