Driving Adoption & Engagement Series 3 & 4: Deploy & Engage, Sustain & Grow

Video created by Leslie Stark Employee on Nov 20, 2016


    Meet with a member of the Product Engagement Team to discuss the Deployment Phase along with the Sustain and Grow Phase of driving adoption & engagement with Canvas.  We will cover for deployment strategies and excitement for executing your communication plan, deployment of professional development and engaging the super users.  For the sustain and grow phase we will discuss the importance of gathering feedback, engaging new faculty members, strategies for mixing up your ongoing professional learning opportunities and where to start the cycle over again.



    Some of the questions to consider for this discussion might be...

    • How do you elicit consensus in your organization around a Canvas rollout?
    • What's your strategy regarding change management, communication, vision-setting, and ensuring ongoing success?
    • Join the Canvas Engagement Team as they share examples from institutions who've had successful rollouts andreveal strategies to deal with roadblocks that can create plateaus in Canvas implementation.
    • Participants will leave with sample rollout plans, ready-to-use templates, as well as, tips to building strategies that reimagine teaching and learning.