K12 Study Hall: Wrapping Up the Year

Video created by Jana Capps Employee on May 12, 2017

    (5/12/2017) Presented by Jana Capps and Jody Sailor


    Please Note:

    One thing that we did not discuss was Multiple Grading Periods. If you have those set up and you adjust your terms, you must make sure that the grading periods are adjusted as well. Life will be much happier if you do both !


    Tips and tricks on best practices for the end of the year. It covers how to save content: exporting, versus copying, versus Commons. We also covered settings and back end items like dates for term, courses, and sections. We also had a great question and answer session at the end. A webinar touching on best practices and tips and tricks for administrators and instructors at the end of the school year. Learn about setting and back end items like Terms, course dates, and section dates, managing teacher access after the term end date. Teachers will learn how to pack away their course and either save to Commons, or create a Canvas course export file. Instructors will learn some tips on maintaining a summer sandbox during break and how to leverage that space for content creation and curation. 


    For session details, additional resources, and follow-up discussion, please go to the event page: K12 Study Hall: Wrapping Up the Year 


    Here is the pdf with the sample Global Announcement: